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2024 NE Express to Strongsville, Ohio


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Took to the road today for Strongsville



Started as a hot trip but we decided to go top less. 



We didn't get too far on the road less traveled when we hit construction season. 


And it got really hot in the sun. But we persevered till Syracuse. 20240709_121936.jpg

When we filled up, put the top up, and hopped on the Thruway for the last hour and a half. Ran the AC and kept an eye on the temps


Medium fan speed but recirculate system




And it eventually dropped to 50°

Got to the overnite early and was happy I had a car with AC



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Cleared hot for 9am tomorrow.

Fed her a radiator pill per Dr @EmTees prescription, some rain-x on the windshield, a shot of R134 and half quart of 10-40.  Running like a top.  Even with a couple thousand pounds of spare parts in the trunk just in case there will still be something forgotten lol.


Kick the tires, light the fires, Strongsville here we come. See you tomorrow.


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We rolled in around 530pm. This was quite a change from last year. Seem like the car hardly warmed up yet it too forever.  


Part of that was caused by taking a wrong exit off RT390 out of Rochester. We were directed in the right general direction so we just went on with the GPS instructions and ran many miles of back roads through NYS. 20240710_105039.jpg20240710_105523.jpg20240710_113128.jpg with many a gorgeous vista and midwest like roads we went through many isolated rain storms and then sunny, dry weather.  Ran the AC the entire trip and was very comfortable. 


we stopped for lunch in Jamestown NY at a Fifties ice cream stand. 




There was even a Buick there.



Then we headed directly to Strongsville. 


The GS ran great!  And I am looking forward to catching up with friends. A National meet is a great part of this Club.



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@EmTee and I rolled into the Best Western about 5:20.  Smooth sailing, 65-73 mph, some occasional rain, 4 solid lanes of traffic outside of Toledo and some nut stood their car on its nose locking up and smoking the tires ahead of us.  We left plenty of distance.


Car did 17.2 mpg.  What!? Fairly flat driving, AC off and checked the math twice.  Seems we have this second rebuilt engine dialed in pretty good. We shall see if it was a fluke or not.   A slight drumming noise started showing up from either the front end or center of the car between 60-65 with 110 miles to go, couldn’t really pinpoint but all was quiet at 68 mph.  EmTee though it might be road surface.  A remote check in discussion with chief mechanic @old-tank back in Mission Control yielded a number of possibilities but the outcome was always the same - “well just stay at 68 mph and turn up the radio some more.  Proceed”. which was followed as instructed and it was smooth as silk the rest of the way in.  Heck I was just happy the freakin engine parts all stayed where they belonged and nothing fell off that caused EmTee to conduct evasive maneuvers.  Temps were 185-190 deg the whole way in (11:00 position on the guage) with oil pressure just below the H, brief temp spike to 200 (N) at standstill traffic for those that want to compare guage notes.


We had great beer and Rueben’s at Schnitz Ale Productions.  Menu is limited but the quality made up for it. 


Will register tomorrow and hunt down our fearless leader.  



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I am so glad that the trip was a success!  I am envious of 17 MPG.  I am choosing not to report MPG with the GS because it sucked! 🤑


Nonetheless it is here. 


There is a nice turnout of cars.  Your two cars will just make it better!

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14 hours ago, JohnD1956 said:

am so glad that the trip was a success!  I am envious of 17 MPG.

Hmmmm...  Me too!  Especially since he rarely let his speed drop much below 70 mph most of the way.  I think he must have been looking at the wrong scale on his slide rule!  :P

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Was going to launch the bat hook to the bumper of JDs GS to help catapult the 55 across congested traffic to get to dinner.  Boy that GS has some giddy up.  EmTee said “ and there goes JD”. And it was like Cripes how’d he get way down there already!?  @Machine Gun piled in with us for the trip to The Rail for burgers and beers and it was very good. 


It was great seeing folks cars, finally putting faces to “handles” and getting to talk for more than just a few minutes.  Great stories and lots of laughs. Funny how so many of us have similar “adventures” putting these things together - don’t realize it until someone asks about a nuance on their car…then the story makes the car.


15.3 mpg on fillup tonight which included the around town between hotel and extended idling jaunts.  Much more within expectations.  Remembered that this engine (the third - a 56 322) has a lighter spring from the PSBs in the vac advance, unsure how much of a contributor that is or not. 

Looking forward to the show tomorrow!



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19 minutes ago, EmTee said:

Me too - despite the fact that @JohnD1956 has put us to work judging cars!  :P

See….that'll teach us to wander around the hospitality room scarfing cookies  🤣

But wait, there’s more. Congratulations and welcome to our newest BCA member! (You have 2 Buicks already Comon… it was only a matter of time);👍


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