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Chrysler Plymouth Parts and Service Sign

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  This sign supposedly came out of a defunct Chrysler/Plymouth dealership back in the 80's. It measures about 12" thick face-to-face of plastic back-lit panels x 36" high and 72" long. I can't find much information on it so any input as to date, scarcity and value would be welcomed. 

  Maybe @3macboys would know something about it.


  In the same location this sign was found was a HUGE 4' high x 16' long sign that read "Welcome to Plymouth-Land!". It was hand painted on two 4'x8' sheets of plywood butted end-to-end. It was so well done I thought it was metal from a distance. I unfortunately failed to get a photo of it.



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  I appreciate the responses gentlemen! The owner wanted to sell it for a reasonable price so I brought it home before an antique dealer got their hands on it. I like Chryslers but am not a Mopar collector so I will likely offer it to a Chrysler enthusiast once I clean it up and make a cord for it. I'd love to see it lit up!

  I think I can get it to Hershey this fall without damage. I wrapped in shipping blankets and gently strapped it to the wall of my enclosed trailer and it made it home just fine.

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