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1959 Fleetwood...help


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We picked up a 1959 Fleetwood at an auction. I do not trust the drive train enough to have my wife drive the car around town. We live in the Pomona area of So Cal and would like to get information on a good mechanic in our area.

I have a 350 Chevy motor in great shape. Will it "plug in" until the Cad motor is fixed up?

Thank you for your help!


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Sounds like a neat car. If you have any photos, would love to see it!

I am confident that the Chevy 350 will NOT "plug in" to the Cadillac's engine compartment. You would be faced with some fairly extensive modifications to make it work, then would have to reverse the process to re-install the original Cadillac engine.

I would take the car to a competent mechanic to determine the health of the Cadillac engine and drivetrain. It might be worth obtaining multiple opinions. The car may be basically sound and in need of only minor work to run well. If the engine does require a rebuild, my best advice is to be patient and make sure the job is done correctly.

Your car is interesting and desirable. Whatever you choose to do, I hope that you will keep the Caddy V8 and drivetrain for the long-term. It would be a shame to mess up the car with an incorrect engine.

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