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1939 LaSalle Woodie


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I was perusing the May 2001 issue of the Woodie Times and noticed at page 16 an article on construction of a woodie on a 1939 LaSalle chassis. Hugh Nutting was the constructor. There was a credit given to Tom Boehm for his assistance on the project. Was the 1939 project ever completed and is anyone aware of the current status of the car?

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Good question. I remember Hugh Nutting. He used to contact me asking for various dimensions from my car. I have not heard anything from him or about him for a long time. I looked in the NWC rosters back to 2014 and he was not listed. I don't know how far he got on the project. That was before I had email. I think we corresponded by letters. I don't think he ever sent me any pictures of his project. I think he was from Colorado or Wyoming. Somewhere out west. 

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