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1964 Merc 220S Sedan & 1963 VW beetle project cars for sale in Central Florida

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Hi, I am assisting an elderly gentleman & his family with the sale of 2 cars. Due to his illness, we can't get much history or info about the cars - Merc & 1963 VW beetle (kept outside under tarp). The Merc is garage kept, but rough. We do have the key and some of the original documents for the Merc. These cars will need to be towed away. There are lots of parts sitting in the cars. I don't have photos as the garage is dark & full, and the beetle is covered by tarps -- so the pics are not much help. Please direct me to some folks that may be interested buyers -- we're really hoping to find someone that has a special place in their heart for these models -- and wants to take on these restorations. We would love to show the owner progress photos so that he sees that they are being put back together... Theresa 407.467.5221 tb@gcmbs.com

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