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1908 Brush in Fairbanks Alaska Museum

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Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum in Fairbanks Alaska is without a doubt one of the top American model antique auto museums anywhere and I’ve been to lots of them, featuring cars from 1898-1930’s. Most of the cars are rare models or one of only a very few made, or to have survived. Lots of big fancy shiny cars of the 30’s. All lovely restored and frequently driven on the museum grounds. Car brands I’ve only read about. Lots of brass era cars. 


From the earliest days in Alaska’s automotive history, cars and fashion have long dominated the luxury goods market. People didn’t just drive,  they drove dressed to the nines! The fashion items on didplay in their own right are amazing. It’s was an easy way for my wife and I to work on ideas for our outfits for car shows. 


And yet humbly setting in a corner of the showroom is the fourth Brush Runabout Auto I’ve found in museums in my travels. There was a wide track in DeLeon Texas. Regular tread width one in Crosbyton Texas, Polson Montana and now in Fairbanks Alaska. 





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