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WTB: Radiator cap for 1931 DB

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I’m looking for a replacement of the metal part that locks the cap into radiator neck.  When I got the car the ‘Ram’ cap was on the car but the metal tabs were rusted off and not much left.  The car also had a flat cap with much better tabs but now they are cracked and not holding well.  I’m looking for something to replace what I have, as I’m supposed to go on a local tour June 22 so time is tight.  If something modern would fit the neck it would be ok short term, I’m not sure what fits.  Any help would be appreciated.




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Any idea what my Ram fits?  This was on the car, but the clips were rusted off.  I need something quick, I was sorta hoping to fix the "flat" cap, even though it has zero character.

Thank you for the compliments, the car shows better in pictures than in person.

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