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FS: Ford Model NRS Project - Butte, Montana

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Model NRS project For Sale:

I've been in the hobby since the late 1960s; its now time to thin the herd.

This project car includes: frame, front axle, engine (paper work says 1907 Model N out of Minneapolis, MN), nice carburetor (I believe a Kingston but may be Holly), coil box with coils (no lid) and a second appropriate coil box, reproduction switch, very nice roadster body reproduction), a mechanical oiler for the engine. $8250/offer.

Thought I had a buyer but no deposit received as of yet, therefore still for sale
Price reduced to $7,750.
This project needs a new home, help us out.

Best regards,
Jonathan Bodine AKA jethro






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Interesting project, but I think the lack of a good radiator really hurts the value of the assemblage of parts. 


Possibly someone has one sitting loose, but to fabricate a new one requires many dollar bills.


Good luck, hope you find a good home for it.

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