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Help 72 buick riviera

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Visit here first. They speak fluent Riviera there.



Next thing should be purchase of these books. These are the factory service manuals and are the same books dealer mechanics used to service Buicks when the cars were new. I generally advise getting an original print copy of these manuals since reprints and especially CD-ROM and PDF copies often lose critical detail. They're easily found on ebay and other websites.




Also consider a membership in the Riviera Owners' Association.

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I second buying the GM shop manuals. 


GS was an option on a Riviera, not a separate VIN number like on Skylarks. The Riviera section Glenn linked is a great resource.

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On 6/8/2024 at 11:07 PM, mcvalencia said:

Hi I just bought a 72 riviera it has gs badging on the fenders how do I tell if it's a real gs or not also I can't find any kind of engine manuals or guides to work on this thing can anyone help thank you20240530_154524.jpg.65a7960a1d232fddef3846c7decb8b0e.jpg

If it is a true  GS, there would be a "W" in the vin and the engine code would be "WA". But I don't think it is a GS. As the GS emblems would be below the Riviera script, not above.

I have attached a picture of my 71 GS.

Robert Bonto

Riv 001.jpg

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