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Getting Intimate with 41 Super Convertible

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The 41 Convertible was finally delivered, and I am getting to know it intimately.  New Gas tank ^ Coker tires, new water pump, fuel pump, thermostat are on the way. With what looks like a rusty radiator, it is being re-cored.  That said she is still being secretive!  Specifically, I am having trouble finding the switch to have her pull her top down. With the windshield latches released, and the car off, I am able to mannually raise the top 1/2 way, and it slowly begins to decend under the pressure of it's own weight.  Both the shop manual and owner video's reference a small pull/push switch on the dash which operates vacumn powered hydraulics which are to raise and lower the top without assistance.    There are 3 knobs on the dash just below the windshield devider, and forward center is the windshield wiper.  Can the members tell me what the other two are, and the location of the switch for the hydraulic top?


Thanks members!


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Can you show us some photos? The power top switch (which is vacuum-powered, not hydraulic) should be under the dash just to the left of the steering column. It should be a push/pull type of switch with a small ivory plastic knob. You can see it in this photo directly under the left-most gauges:



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Thanks Matt!   The members always seem to have the answer.

With the car running, I pushed & pulled that knob without top movement.   This morning I started it and after 30 seconds or so, the top began to raise again on it's own.   Pushing or pulling the switch has no affect on the top while moving.   The Shop Manual I bought mentions nothing about the top repair (sect.1 - Pages 27-30 ).  If anyone knows of a thread or a video that might be helpful to one who is new to Vacuum powered top, step by step directions on how to refurbish the system, please....DO SHARE.  How much disassembly of the back seat is necessary to access the vacuum pumps and hoses?


A 1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan?  I love those cars and am excited to know that you have the courage, will power, and resources to keep it alive.

Like you, I have diversified brands, but NOT the year.  About a year ago at auction I bought a 41 Lincoln Continental, which had already been seriously modified, V8 replaced the V12, and A/C & power steering were added.  Still a fun car to drive and show.  The one thing I've got to change is the 17" V12 Steering wheel, as it was made from Henry Ford’s crops Soybeans blended into plastic type resin, and 83 years later that resin off gases a Putrid smell. I believe those steering wheels are said to be 14" in the manual, but mine looks original & has the Lincoln V12 logo on the horn button and is about 17+" in Diameter.  Replacing the steering wheel with one made by Keith at $3k+, is out of the question for this car, and finding another that vendors say will fit the steering column is proven to be a challenge. Can anyone tell me the length of column?   I can buy a banjo steering with the column for less than $350.

Pre ware Art Deco styling of the luxury cars, to me is like none other, elegance, durability, and style.  1941 brought several car designs I am fond of.   I am especially drawn to 4 door Packard convertibles, 34 to 41 if anyone has one that needs a lot of love.


Thanks again for sharing your knowledge of this model.


Ken Lobisnger

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