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Extra gasket Stewart Carburetor 1920?

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When I pulled apart the carb on my 1920 DB I found this fiber washer in this location when I unscrewed the top off the dashpot. I appeared to be keeping the sliding assembly from sitting all the way down on the carb body. 



I noticed when I got my carb gasket kit that it did not include a fiber washer of this size. The books don't really show gaskets well that I can see... is this a past "improvement" by someone?

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     That looks like the metering valve.  The dashpot serves as an acelerator pump and is on the bottom of the tube that screws into the part you have pictured.

     The two carbs I've taken apart are just the same only a little different.  Your's may be yet another slight variation.

     Get rid of the washer if removing it allows the valve to make contact with the seat.

     Silversolder a ball bearing, (of the correct size), to an 1/8" wire and use that to lap the dashpot check ball seats with a slurry of abrasive cleaner such as Ajax or Comet.  Valve lapping compound is too coarse.

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