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Today was a Two Show Day

Paul Dobbin

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With two Shows to see today, we left early for the Highlands Motoring Festival in Highlands NC, 9 miles up the mountain to "A Festival with an Altitude, 4118 feet."   A beautiful ride up the Cullisaja Gorge Road beside the river gorge.   A cool ride in our 1935 Buick.   A awesome show of

high end cars.   Race cars, luxury cars, real antiques and a Yellowstone National Park Tour Bus. 

I took a lot pictures and lost most of them.  Our Buick was not invited, but got a lot of attention parked outside.    I've been invited many times before and shown 3 different cars there.   But rwo

years ago I tried to pre-register my unrestored 1935 Ford Pickup and was rejected for not being

the image they were looking for, so I took another finished 34 Ford and was not invited this year.

We enjoyed the show and then went to lunch and to another 80 car show 2000 feet down the mountain in Franklin, NC.   Lots of nice cars, and not invitational only.   Was a nice day and we got

to put some miles on the Buick on beautiful country roads.



35 Buick.jpg




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