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Packard 1938 limo - $9,800

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I do take issue with " the car is almost complete" but it could be a useful parts car at a fraction of this price. 


This is a very rare project car. The engine turns and looks good. The interior is cleaned out but there are seats and some glass. The body is perfect and the car is almost complete. Some of the glass is there. The car has a 120 engine which is very common. The engine runs well.  (951) 375-6303


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The 1938 Packard Eight 5/7 passenger sedans and limousines, Model 1602 on the 148" wb were intended for primarily the livery/professional/funeral market segment, peripherally as the private passenger car though certainly some large families bought them for such.   In this era where great length implies 'luxury', this type of lwb car is largely unknown and misunderstood.

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