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4 Cylinder manifolds


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Have been playing with this 32 PA for 50 years and continue to learn stuff  according to chrysler corp parts book PA intake and exhaust number is 391257 and PB is 390865   PB,  made in 1932,  was set up for bigger ports and valves and had a bolt hole to tie the intake and exhaust together     a problem with PA   PB also had two mounting holes for  the vacuum clutch which I thought came out in 32     see picture    has the holes for clutch unit and tab to bolt together but has a clear   391257  and what appears to be manufacturing date  3-30     I am currently running a 30 U  manifold set up    any one have ideas on this ?      thanks  bobnroman@yahoo.com

Plymouth G.JPG


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According to the parts book, in 1932 6,249 PA's were built as the thrift 1932.... "perhaps" a different intake was cast for those cars as they had introduced the vacuum clutch for the 1932 model year.... I'm guessing, but the good news is, you probably have an uncommon PA intake.....


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