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Hi there Turbinator, this is Marvin #18096.  Im looking for a set of #853 rally wheels for my 1969 riv. Can you help me out? I live in  California and am concerned about shipping costs if you can let me know right away I would appreciate it greatly. My riv has drum brakes on all four corners. Thanks in advance.

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Marvin, I ship to CA often. Your order would either ship from VanNuys or Lutherville MD. Depending on your finish requirements.

You can reach me via PM. Or 443-385-7356. Bobburnopp@icloud.com.

Call in we can chat.


PS Shipping to CA from Lutherville is $40 or so for each wheel.

Actually your 65 takes an 802, BUT both 802 and 853 wheels have same 3 3/8” offset.


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