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A tale of two cities, with apologies to Dickens

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During the last two weekends my wife and I attended two car show with two different cars, though the crowds were the same folks, they had two different experiences.  I feel it is because the cars are the same to me, they are not in the eye of the beholder.  I think the first car , a 1913 Buick, looks like a car, engine under the hood, doors, windshield, top, lamps, steering wheel, everything a modern car has.  The second car my 1905 Cadillac doesn't look like a car.  Unusual questions from the onlookers; why doesn't the car have brakes, it does; why is there no crank, it has one; what is that big wheel showing on the side, the engine.  The layout of the car was pretty well established by 1910.  I mean if a person drives a 1955 Chevy and sees a 1915 Chevy it is familiar, it's still a Chevy.


I should also point out we were welcomed to show our antique cars at a mostly hot rod or modified event.  The reverse is often not the case, a modified car is shunned at our original shows.  I must remember not to do that again.  My wife and I won awards at both shows for our antiques.


Another thing I noticed is the car show have every age group participating.  They apparently have no difficulties attracting youth.


Regards, Gary





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Great story.  If people weren’t interested in old things museums wouldn’t exist.  I’m sure the people who saw your vehicles were amazed at how primitive and simple they looked and yet for the times when they were built they were state of the art. 

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7 hours ago, cxgvd said:

Another thing I noticed is the car show have every age group participating.  They apparently have no difficulties attracting youth.


This is outstanding to read . BRAVO. If the crowds are big and have all ages the youth see how to act and behave around the cars, if the car owners are friendly and talk to them they get the feeling of being "welcomed" . Sad that some car clubs do not encourage" Families" to participate. Why can't youth /teenagers participate with their parents or grandparents - mo$tly due to co$t.   Things are not cheap but a luxury car club I belonged to for 45 years and was on the national board of never made any effort to make /arrange/have a tour that any could afford to bring the younger generation. They just ignored that.  The youth will eventually own the cars we now do, but will they want to if they are not at least treated kindly, not ignored, and have their questions answered?  Kids want to know, I taught 1,100 kids a week for decades ages 5 to 12 and 99% were polite and full of wonder at what they were learning. Wake up car clubs. I have said all of this before and most likely will again ...............

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