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1922 Cadillac V8 Parts Wanted!

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Hi All, I have a 1922 Cadillac with a 314 V8. I need a new valley cover which holds the rocker assemblies. As well as a single valve spring. Does anybody have a parts engine? Or know who I can contact about early Cadillac parts?




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10 hours ago, Matt3144 said:

Hey shoot me an email cmcecu@yahoo.com. 
I might have what you need. I can send you pictures 

What type 61 parts do you have? 

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On 6/11/2024 at 10:03 AM, Matt3144 said:

I have almost anything you need, however, not put together 

Hi Matt, 


I'm a little skeptical given how few of these cars are actually around and I don't believe we've crossed paths yet? Ehat have you got in the way of carb parts? you should be able to post pictures here to the forum even though you can't PM yet 

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