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1925 Model 25 seat springs

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When we restored our 27 model 24 we made seat cushions out of foam from the upholstery shop rather than springs. If we had used the original springs my father would have been jammed up against the steering wheel and I would have been looking straight at the front top bow instead of out the windshield. Using foam allows people of modern profiles so sit lower and farther back. Worked well for us and very comfortable. 

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We have several of us with 25-25 cars and can provide dimensions and such. Hugh should have the best information since he has had his seats stripped for upholstery.



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   Welcome to the forum.  Please post a couple of photos of your Buick. 


Two links are attached, then 3 photos.

The first link shows how to do the correct interior for a 1925 Buick model 25.  I have all of the upholstery documents when you get to that point.  

The second link shows a 1925 Buick model 25 Standard body mounted on a 1927 Buick Master frame.  The seat frames - I believe are from a Ford model A sedan.   The seat woodwork was incorrectly done and that had to be modified to as close as I could get it to what Buick did.  I did have to add some foam where the spring design was not correct.  I was trying to keep the cost down for the owner.  

I do have thoughts on using foam to make the seats.  You have to find the right densities of foam and the seats need to be layered with softer densities as you get closer to the seating surface.  You could build a foam seating assembly on a wood frame.  Note that the seat backs are upholstered to the car.  

Budget will dictate if you want to use seat springs.  It is highly unlikely to impossible that you will find model 25 seat springs.  You could take Ford Model A springs and reshape the perimeter or just install it as I have done and adjust the upholstery covering.  As Mr Franklin suggested, Snyders model A could also make springs per my drawing dimensions.  Note that the seat back springs are lighter than seat bottom springs.   


Below are the dimensions of the Buick 1925-25 seat springs and the springs used.      Hugh








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