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Delage Di 1926. flywheel removal.


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Hello everybody. I am looking for help removing the flywheel on my Delage Di series 3. There are six bolts that I have removed but three of them go through what I take to be some form of locating dowels which I can't remove and the flywheel seems immovable. If anyone could help or knows anyone who could I would be very grateful. Many thanks.IMG20240602155726_BURST001_COVER.jpg.7dee1d2876b195f5b7276db5c75e067b.jpgIMG20240602155759.jpg.4e8c13d19f93ba38f12d14defc586c02.jpg

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They are seriously tight. I think they may be a knock in fit if they are in fact locating dowels or there to help transfer the engine torque. I'm going to try threading one and see if it will come out with a slide hammer. Thanks for your input.

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