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WTB- 23inch detachable Goodyear Rims- I need 2 rings only for the wide ring( inboard)- hoping for no

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These are  the reversable- staightside or clincher  rings

The wide one goes  to the inboard side, and the narrow one goes to the outboard side with the lock ring.

I have  the rims, and all 4 lock rings, and all 4 narrow rings, 


I dont know if a firestone ring would fir or not

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2 issues involved here.

First, Can you post close up pictures of your rims and rings as I am under the impression that Goodyear brand rims were NOT Universal, the rings could not be turned around for either clincher or straight side ( Dunlop) tires.

Second. I have always understood that the "bead" or "tire" rings that go against the tire were the same whether they were inboard or outboard. The narrow rings were for smaller tire size say 3  or 3 1/2" while the wider rings are for larger tires ( wider felloe bands) say 4 or 4 1/2" tires.


Goodyear rims that I am familiar with have a lock ring that looks like a smashed piece of round rod. They go in a half round groove in the rim.  See attached drawings.




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