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1965 VW Meyers Tow'd - $9,200 (Coeur d' Alene ID)

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In the mid-sixty to the early seventies the B.F. Meyers & Company made thousands of Meyers Manx but only approximately 850 of the Meyers Tow'd. This Tow'd was the 129th made in January 1968. The fiberglass body has never been painted and has the original Red/Orange gel coat that came from the factory 55 years ago. The fiberglass has never been damaged or repaired.

The Tow'd has a stock 1600 dual port VW air cooled engine with new heads and a doghouse fan shroud for better cooling. It has new brakes, wheel cylinders, front wheel bearings, master cylinder, carburetor, fuel pump, Bosh generator, coil, aluminum fuel tank and seat covers. There is an underbody skid plate to protect the bottom of the Tow'd.

If you have any questions about the vehicle just google Meyers Tow'd on the internet.


call/text - Dennis (208) 446-6955


See more pictures on ad...









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Thanks to the owner for the education on a unique dune buggy, and thanks to 7th Son for posting. I like the styling of it...makes the standard Manx look heavy duty by comparison!


Just a couple of days ago someone reminded my about the VW engines you would see for sale in the Sears catalog! I assume they were rebuilt. I'm guessing a few of them were put into vehicles like this.

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