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Help wanted to identify these sun visors.


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It's an oval chrome thing in the ceiling with a round hole you poke that in, or you can pull it over to the side window and poke it in another one over the door opening. The hardware on these do not match my 36 Pontiac, but I believe it may match SOME 36 Pontiacs. It might interchange even if the hardware doesn't match? There seem to be a zillion mid-year changes on 36 Pontiacs. As @pont35cpe mentioned, 36 Buick 40 is another good possibility. They might even be the same parts as early 36 Pontiac?

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37 minutes ago, pughs said:

Do you know of a source for these brackets?

Hard to find. Show up on ebay occasionally.

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I need to take the swivel connections off of one set of visors and put them on another. I removed the screw but the piece is not coming off of the shaft. I don't want to apply too much pressure because I am afraid that the part may break. Is there a way to remove them without doing damage?

Mystery Visors with Same Bracket - 01e.JPEG

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