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Time for another buyer beware item - Packard paperweighit

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I've actually included info on this item in my AACA Convention seminar on collecting automobilia.   These poor quality reproductions continue to show up on evil-bay, and I recently saw one is an antique shop.  The owner insisted it was genuine of course.


The originals were die struck and were clearly marked along the bottom edge with the makers name "Whitehead and Hoag."  The die stamping (like a coin) results in a nice clean and crisp image with clear sharp edges on the lettering.  The little "feet" underneath are applied as separate pieces during manufacture whereas the reproductions have the feet molded in place during its casting.  


I'll let the photos do the talking so you can see.  The first photo is the currently listed item.  The next two are photos of a similar reproduction from my files used in my seminar.  The remaining photos show detail of the original from my collection.


Oddly, there are two others currently listed for sale that are originals if anyone is interested.  The reproduction is virtually worthless in my estimation.   In fact, calling it a "reproduction" is being too kind.  It's a fake!



Packard paper weight ebay listing.jpg

Packard paper weight cheap recast fsraud (front).jpg

Packard paper weight cheap recast fraud (reverse).jpg


Packard paperweight genuine back.jpg

Packard paperweight genuine detail on feet.jpg

Packard paperweight genuine back side detail.jpg

Packard paperweight genuine front.jpg

Packard paperweight genuine front view.jpg

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