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For Sale: 1962 Mercury Meteor 4dr Sedan, V8, 48K miles - $5,950 - Vancouver, WA - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1962 Mercury Meteor 4dr Sedan, V8, 48K miles - $5,950 - Vancouver, WA


Seller's Description:

1962 Mercury Meteor originally manufactured in Canada I think it was a cousin of the Monterey Mercury it might even be the same car, but I could be wrong.  It has a automatic transmission 260 V8 runs and drives good for an old car, Roll down windows heater defrost that’s it really but it’s solid all the way around no rust may be a little surface here and there if you look for it tires are in good shape. Does need a new headliner. I actually have it, but I never installed it, but overall, the car is a great to drive the way it is or minor restoration as you go either way it’s your choice. Clear Oregon title in hand ready to go.
Contact: If you have any questions, call me (360) 4-9-nine-3-3-9-nine
Copy and paste in your email: 6d70edefb76a3e3990d163173ed8dcf1@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1962 Mercury Meteor 4dr Sedan.

'62 mercury meteor OR a.jpg

'62 mercury meteor OR b.jpg

'62 mercury meteor OR c.jpg

'62 mercury meteor OR d.jpg

'62 mercury meteor OR e.jpg

'62 mercury meteor OR f.jpg

'62 mercury meteor OR g.jpg

'62 mercury meteor OR h.jpg

'62 mercury meteor OR i.jpg

'62 mercury meteor OR j.jpg

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The Mercury Meteor was a slightly upscale version of the new for 1962 intermediate Ford Fairlane. This car may have been produced in Canada, but it was not a Canada only model. This car is nicely outfitted with the 260  V8 and automatic transmission. Looks like another “grandma” car at a fairly reasonable price. Still need to check for rust. It is a pretty uncommon car these days.

Lew Bachman

1957 Thunderbird

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