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Correct tools and jacks in a 1928 Standard

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I was curious about the contents of the metal box under the passenger side floorboards, having spent considerable time staring at it underneath. I finally removed the rear footrest and flipped up the hinged seat, enabling me to unsnap the carpet and pull open the wood cover plate as shown. Much to my surprise it contained all the tools I needed and then some. Pictured below is what I found. The PO provided some redundancy as there are several duplicate sized spanners. I would like to keep what Buick originally intended in this toolbox. I already know the top left hubcap tool is intended, as the top right does not fit this car. There are 12 open end wrenches, do you know which ones were supplied in a late 20's Buick?  Numbering L to R wrench #5 and #12 are aftermarket as they are modern. There is a jack and what appears to be a jack stand. Which items to keep in the box? Is anything missing? Your opinion is most welcome.





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