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Any Saxon parts in the UK?


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Hello! We have recently acquired a Saxon that we are looking to rebuild and as such we're in search of spare parts!


I realise there seems to be a few sources of parts in the US with vehicles still seemingly in sheds but I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone who had spare bits in the UK we could get in contact with?


In particular we're currently looking for some steering parts and front axle bits.


Thanks! Henry

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Be sure to join the international Saxon registry where you will find sources of parts and knowledge. It is an affiliate of the the Horseless Carriage Club of America. Message me and I’ll send you the address. There are a number of Saxons in the UK.

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Ah, I can't seem to do so due to a lack of posts apparently.


Thank you for your suggestions though, I'll have a better look into HCCA and the saxon registry

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