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How to read a 1934 plate

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I am doing some restoration work on a 1934 Buick before hopefully enjoying it this Summer. I believed based on the UK registration & being RHD that it has always been in the UK but the plate wasn't on the firewall so wasn't 100% sure.


I have just come across what I thought was my lost plate after gaining access to the locked glovebox.


Any advice on how to read it or pointers would be great.

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L and H were the UK Buick sales agents at that time for Buick's made in Canada.  The numbers can be a little different to USA manufactured cars.

First list is from Buick Club judging manual.   Second list from 1928-1952 Master Parts book.


Better to ask questions on your car in 1 thread


Other threads on this car.







The Buick data does not list 57s.  S is 2 door coupe.  So no idea what the "s" is after 57 for a 4 door sedan.  Unless for side mounts (spare wheels)


BCA judging rev2 pg24 1923-1937 extract.jpg

1928-52 Master Parts Book pg 12-A extract 1934.jpg

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