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Locomobile Radiator Scripts and Timing Pointer.


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Hello Folks, 

I will be having Locomobile radiator scripts cut out of brass from an original pattern.  Should you like one as well, it will be 100.00.  

Also, my friend Alan Dewsnup has made a pattern from an original timing pointer that goes on the rear cylinder of a model 30, perhaps other models as well.

I will be having new ones cut out of steel should anyone be interested.  35.00 each. 

Let me know should you wish to order one. 


Loco Radiator Script.jpg

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My very original Sedan has no Loco-script on the radiator and it looks like there was never anything attached except two knobs (one on each side, at half-height). I think the knobs were used for attaching a radiator cover during cold weather. At least I use them for this purpose.

My M7 touring car has one large Locomobile script bolted to the radiator, which is made of brass, three long thin bolts are soldered to its backside, then nickel-plated.  I was always wondering: Was the car delivered with that script? Did one proud owner manufacture that script? When was it attached?

Tourer von vorne beschn.jpg

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That is quite the collection of original photographs!  Maybe those folks were not braggards or show offs.  The car "said it all". 

I like the script, and I am proud of the machine, and lucky to have it. 


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