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Looking for info. on 1948 lincoln coupe

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We recently purchased a 1948 lincoln coupe. Being more of an International truck, and cadillac man this lincoln is pretty much all new to me. The car shows 48,000 miles and I think that is original. I would say it has an older repaint and maybe some interior work done. Some things I'm looking for are: trunk interior, maybe cardboard panels? There is nothing there now.

The radio is not working or the clock. We will probably replace some wheather stripping also. Were fender skirts an option on this car? That's my story for now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin Tackaberry

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The trunk had side panels made of a fiberboard and covered with a straw matting. Fender skirts were standard equipment. I will look up the paper work I have that tell what the original trunk material was and has the dimensions for the trunk side panels. my email is pandamarie@jps.net send me your email and I will get it out to you in the next day or 2.


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Hello. I have a 48 Lincoln converible coupe that is one of my projects. (I just got the paint on it, then put it back in storage til I can get my 30 Buick painted) We drove our 42 Chevy to the Greenfield motor muster and while there. I looked up the info on the Lincoln. I had copys made of the build card, the manual that came with the radio, and the owner's manual. I would expect that your radio is the same, and if you end up needing a copy of the manual (it has the schematic) you could get it from the research center, or for that matter I could make a copy of my copy. I wish you lots of luck with the coupe.

Curt k8uc@charter.net

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