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1936 Olds Steering box repair

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I have a 1936 old 2 door Business coupe with a straight six. having issues with the steering box if I remove the drag link the front wheels turn with no issues. I’ve changed all the tie rods, the worm gear, and Pittman on shaft somebody prior to me as replaced, the intermediate, staring arm bearing With a brass one when I turn the steering wheel, it is extremely tight and vines last thing stopping me from driving the car been fighting this for way too long. Your expert is much appreciated. 

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Are you saying that with the steering linkage disconnected from the Pittman arm, turning steering wheel is tight, not turning freely? I have my steering unit (`35 Pontiac probably the same) apart now. I just put 2 new Pittman bushings in the housing, i had to use a reamer to get correct clearance for the P-shaft to turn by hand freely. There is one adjustment for the P-shaft end play. I think your problem may be the P-shaft gear, and the steering shaft worm gear is too tight. First picture is for the P-shaft end play. Second picture with the eccentric nut and thru bolt is for adjusting the gear mesh. Loosen the thru bolt, and the other 3/8" bolt slightly, actually the 3 long bolts that mount the unit to the bracket, can be out completely. Then turn the eccentric nut until you have free movement in full range of turning the steering shaft left to right. Then tighten the bolts.



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