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Need a engine for a 1973 Buick Electra 225

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  • Peter Gariepy changed the title to Need a engine for a 1973 Buick Electra 225
1 hour ago, Peter Gariepy said:

Dee, I know you're new, but details.  Please.

Dee, answering a few more questions will let us help you better:


---Has a good mechanic determined the engine to be irreparable?

---How many miles are on the engine?

---What specifically is wrong with it?  Maybe we can advise you.

---As previously mentioned, where are you located?

     If you really need a new engine, finding one close to you will help.


You might provide contact information such as a telephone number.

New members can't send private messages--in order to keep scammers away.


We're happy to be of help if we can.

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The last Buick 455 was produced in 1976 so any correct displacement replacement engine you find is going to be at least 48 years old and probably in unknown mechanical condition.


Unless your current engine is irreparably damaged, say a connecting rod thru the block or a lifter valley broken out, I think you're better off having it rebuilt.


The second generation Buick V8 is a reliable and powerful engine but on a replacement engine with unknown history, you might end up rebuilding it anyway. 





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A 73 should be a 455.  Buick used it in all Electras, Rivieras, and Estate wagons from 1970-1976.  The 1970 is a high compression, the other years are somewhat lower.  It was also used in some other models, so it’s not a rare engine.  I think your options are going to finding a rusted out parts car that still runs well, which may not be so easy, or finding a motor and assuming you’re going to need to have it rebuilt.  


I found a few on eBay in a quick search and I’d try Craigslist near your or a junkyard, since shipping is not going to be cheap.

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455 is not hard to rebuild. Parts are available. 


As all responses said, what's wrong with it?

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