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Parts wanted for Hupmobile


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Newbie on parts and part numbers

 I need an intake and an exhaust valve, and a horse shoe valve keeper for my 1924 Hup series R-13.

 Page 54, figure 59 shows several part numbers and arrows pointing to an item.

So, how do I approach the “what I needs department” by giving a description of what I need as above, or try to use the part numbers as a reference?

Will other year car valves work on my 1924? Thanks


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I believe all series R used the same valves and retainer so there should be no problem finding what you need. I have some here in Australia but sending them over could be pricey - As Jeff has suggested there are at least 3 FB sites for Hupps, The Hupp Club, Australia & New Zealand Hupp Register and Hupmobile cars and parts for sale or wanted. Any one of them may yield a result closer to home.


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Hi Steve and Jeff, 

I have placed inquiries in both The Hup Club and the Australia & New Zealand Club, and Hupmobile, Hupp cars and parts for sale on Facebook market place groups.

Steve, years ago I use to own a 1929 Studebaker President sedan. I had a very bad accident and could not drive the car due to collateral damage. I sold the car and had a ton of parts. I met a person in Australia off of the HCCA who was looking for a Studebaker wire wheel. Long story short, I supplied him with a lot of parts and became a pretty good shipper of overseas parts. I will give my inquire several days to see if anyone could help me. If not, I would like to work with you on shipping the engine valves and parts to me. Thank you for the offer. Paul


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