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Ele Chesney passed away in November 2023. She owned 32 cars at one time. including the 1954 Plymouth Belmont Concept car. Other cars include a 1928 Minverva Town Car ,a 1931 Peerless Limousine and a 1934 V12 Victoria Packard.  She also owned a 30 piece Laliique Collection which she auctioned off a few years back. She was a very  warm and gracious person  and  will be missed in the hobby.

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Ele and I created a long time friendship via a rather off the wall situation.  Entered my 1972 Triumph TR-6 in the 2001 Eastern Spring meet at Winchester, VA.  While taking it off my trailer I heard a call for help.  Went over to Ele and she asked if I could pull her 28 foot trailer up and over landscape curbing.  Turns out a non-AACA guest parked a car up against Elle’s ramp doors.  We had the front desk manager ask the guest to please move her car.  The lady refused saying she parked legally and Ele parked illegally.  We carefully pulled the trailer over the curbing and since then Ele would always shoot the breeze with me or imbibe a few at many meets.

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I'm sorry to read of her passing.

She told me she loved going to the auction in Scottsdale just to people watch. Hilarious to see guys belly up to the pay window; too drunk to remember what they bought and what they owed!

I read that her purchase of her Lalique radiator mascots was quite astute. 2nd only to the Queen' s collection, it fetched over $800K at auction.

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She was a wonderful person. Ele had a great energy about her and always welcomed everyone into her life. Her true heart was about being a very generous philanthropist. God speed, my friend.


She's Got Drive
(FORTUNE Magazine)
By Erik Torkells
March 5, 2001

(FORTUNE Magazine) – Ele Chesney, a vintage-car collector from Tom's River, N.J., will be starring at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. "When I started going to car shows ten years ago," she says, "people thought I was a Mr. Eli." Certainly not after they met her: Chesney, founder of Ocean Microwave, dresses and paints her nails to match the car she has entered in the show. At Amelia Island she'll sport charcoal and silver polish, to go with her one-of-a-kind 1928 Minerva. She may or may not bring Niki Freckles, her dalmatian. "Growing up, you have that dream, 'Why can't I go to a tea party with those people?' At one show, I remember walking into this huge tent with fist-sized roses on the tables. I looked up to heaven and said, 'I made it, Mom. I'm at the tea party.'"


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