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WTB Mercedes 300 Adenauer Solex carburators or parts

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What parts do you need…?


PS: Your Solex 40 PICB is not an Adenauer carburetor. Mercedes used Solex 40 PBIC carburetors. Yours is most likely a Porsche carb.


Let me know in case you need translation help.





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Hi Garry,


I disagree, PBIC and PICB carburetors are using different accelerator pumps although they look the same. The Mercedes PBIC is using a pump stamped 84 and the Porsche PICB is using a pump stamped 83. All pumps ending with the number 4 (e.g. 74, 84) are so called „lean pumps“ and pumps ending with the number 3 are „rich pumps“. 83 and 84 are not just pumps because they also implement an enrichment function. Pumps ending with the number 2 are „neutral pumps“ with no enrichment function. Rich pumps allow to enrich the mixture at WOT (full load enrichment), lean pumps allow enrichment in the partial load range. So a base pump 84 carburetor is too lean in the partial load range, which is being compensated through the pump. If you are using the wrong pump, the mixture will either be much too lean in the partial load range and much too rich at WOT or vice versa. The diaphragm, pump lid and lever of pump 83 and 84 are interchangeable, the (stamped) main bodies are not.



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