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23-35 v 22-35

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Howdy all,

I have a 23-35 that I need some mechanical parts for, clutch, and parking brake. The parking brake assemblies were removed prior to my ownership and are MIA. I have the possibility of buying a derelict 22-35. Anyone know what the possibility of interchangeability of these parts between the two years?

Thanks in advance.

I will probably be a frequent flyer on here, I also have a '31 8-57, and a '29 29-26S. All need work


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A quick look at the Buick Master Parts list 1916-1932 suggests that 1922 & 1923 4 cyl models have a lot of interchangeable parts for rear brakes.  Some parts changed for 1924. I highly recommend that you order a copy, available a Amazon and other online sources. It will pay for itself in saving you from buying something that will not fit.  

I have a 4 cyl rear axle with brake parts and will have to figure out what year it is tomorrow. 


1916-1932 Master parts book.jpg

4 cyl brakes.jpg

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Lou,   The multi disc clutch components (friction discs and metal plates) interchange to the very early cars and thru 1925.  The Larger 6 cylinder cars had an extra set of friction and metal plate to handle the incresed torque.  Hugh   



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On 3/18/2024 at 9:02 PM, Lou McCarrell said:

and a '29 29-26S. All need work



Send me an email (Bill@29buick.ca) and I’ll send you a Welcome Package for the 1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Club. 

Bill McLaughlin 

Editor & Publisher 

1929 Silver Anniversary Buick Newsletter 

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