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1835 v.w. motor must haves

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I had a 1776 motor that I recently installed pistons/cylinders for a 1835 motor and installed larger heavy duty EMPI heads.It has a 110 cam which I think is o.k. Not knowing any better I used the stock flywheel,crank and rocket arm assemblies which I was told is a No No because the larger motor would come apart with those stock parts. As long as I don't race it and take it easy should I be all right or do I have to pull the motor and do the upgrades?( I hate that idea!).It still is running a little rough with my dual Kadrone carbs. but not bad. I'll address that issue first. Thanks,it's in my son's 69 Ghia.

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I used to buld these motors professionally. Back in those days (1970s) we had few options when it came to the 69mm lower end. We built a lot of 1835s using stock cranks. Our shop had a policy of magnafluxing and balancing the crank, rods, and flywheel in that kind of situation, and would always use the biggest aftermarket oil pump we could find. We never had a crank or bearing failure. That being said, I would however recommend 8 doweling the flywheel and going to a lightweight flywheel to reduce rotating mass. ...Jim D.

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