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1949 Chevy Truck - must sacrifice


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Please e-mail me your best offer.

A Custom Truck Ready to Roll!

This 1949 Chevy truck was purchased by my father from its previous owner in 1996 with 43,000 miles. In 1998 it underwent an extensive renovation of its engine, transmission, and bed. It was driven only until 2000 when my father passed away. Since I have taken it out to only three cruises in the past three years I have decided to sell the truck so that someone out there will drive the truck and enjoy it the way it was meant to be.


Some people might mistake the body for the '51 model as it has the curved rear windows. Actually, the body is a '49, but the previous owner liked the windows so much he put them in!

Here is the list of features that the truck has:

1) 327 C.I. engine 200 hp 1969

2) Engine has 5000 miles on fresh rebuild with aluminum pistons, 9:1 ratio

3) Electric fan for motor is scotts 15?

4) Engine has: new alternator, starter, fuel pump, carberator, wiring.

5) Transmission is a turbo 350 freshly rebuilt with new converter

6) Nova sub-frame from 1969

7) Rear end is from 1970 Chevy Impala wagon 3:08 gears

8) Gauges are from 1985 Ford Bronco II

9) Brand new radiator

10) AC and alt brakes are from the Bill Rod shop in California

11) AC unit is vintage air unit 1986, AC compressor is a sanyo 508 polished

12) Electric fan for A/C is scotts 10?

13) Heat and defrost in vintage air unit 1986

14) New drive shaft and u-joints.

15) All new brake drums and shoes

16) Wood in bed was replaced in 1998

17) Seat is out of a 1990 dodge Dakota pickup

18) Steering column is 1974 chevy van

19) Wheels are Gragar Pro-Techs with custom centers from Sun Specs

Spare Parts

Included with the truck are extra sections of the polished steel trim, extra sections of the grill, and two replacement curved windows.

Vehicle Condition

The truck is in excellent condition. In 1999 it passed the New York vehicle inspection and nothing has broken or worn out since then. As far as I know, it should pass emission tests, if applicable. There are no seat belts. The truck runs great, but the gas pedal must be pumped when started. The truck has been stored in a garage since time of purchase.

There is some minor chipping of the paint, as you would expect from a truck that was driven somewhat regularly

Contact me at baronopal@earthlink.net and I will send you pictures of the truck, inside and out and the engine.

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