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1950 Buick trim/molding ?


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10 minutes ago, william64790 said:

Never seen one with molding  on top of quarter     and it needs a quarter/fender for the rear but I do have the trim any info would be great thanks 


Try French Lake Auto Parts for the fender.

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I believe the Buick pictured above is a '51 model with '52 rear fender top trim added. It also appears to have a 1960's era non-Buick rear marker light added to the quarter panel under the gas filler door. 



'51 Buick with script above trunk emblem and no fender top trim.

1951 Buick Super Sedan | Beverly Hills Car Club



'52 Buick with no script, has emblem located higher on deck, has (original equipment) fender top trim and a more "bustle back" shape to deck the lid

36k-MILE 1952 BUICK SUPER RIVIERA available for Auction | AutoHunter.com |  46650945

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