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1927 Buick 27-50 or 27-55 Identify rim help needed Buffalo or Disteel or other.


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Hi Guys, 

I need some help with identifying the following. These rims are on an old hay cart so history is limited to the rear end chassis which is from a 27-50. As can be seen the there is a difference between the front rims and the rear and at one stage all four rims have been removed from the hubs. I am unable to furnish better images as the cart is 16 hour drive away. My guess is the rim dimension is 24" by 6.00 but without access, as I have said, I am guessing. 

Any help with hub configuration and make would be appreciated as they may be scrapped soon.







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The brass hubcaps with script Buick and lack of rock guards on the backing plates suggest the axles and hubs are 1924-1925.  Disk wheels that fit Buick are sought after and worth saving from the scrap bin.  Pictured below are wheels manufactured by Tuarc.  The tire is mounted on a demountable rim which is fastened to the wheel with rim bolts and wedges.  The hay cart wheels have disk center riveted to a rim stuffed into another rim and not using rim bolts.  It looks heavier than it should be for passenger car however it could be from another aftermarket wheel manufacturer.  



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I know the  Disteel and Tuarc single press rims like the ones in the back of this picture from Inverell. but I think the front rims from in the original subject are Chrysler 5 bolt mounted to Buick wood hubs and the rear possibly truck rims as they lock ring access and tube valve on the inner side of the rim. 


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