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'29 speedster help


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My friend is building a Buick speedster.  It has a 121" 1929 Master frame and engine.  He is going for the look of an early or mid-teens Mercer Raceabout, but is currently stuck on how to design the fenders.   Does anyone either have a CAD model for the 121" chassis or plans for speedster-style fenders that he could use?  Any help or ideas are appreciated as his health is not the best and I am not close enough to get to his house on a regular basis to help.  If he had some plans he can get something made locally.  Otherwise if there was a chassis CAD model I could get some fenders designed for him that would fit.


Thank you.

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     The best advice I can offer is to convince him not to try to build a Mercer from a Master series Buick.  There are too many differences like overall size, outside pedals & shifter, lots of brass, etc.  I suggest that since his health is in question, he could more easily, and more cost effectively build a Buick speedster.  

15 Buick Top 1.jpg

Speedster Breakdown 2.jpg

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Hi John. Bob Pilkie here. I am reading your posting here about your friend building a 29 speedster with 28 Buick wire wheels. I’m looking for one more rear hub for my 28 Buick/buffalo wire wheels. Any chance your friend may have some extra hub parts. I’d like to talk to him please and thanks. Bob 780 819 7404. 

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