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Trying to find make of auto that my great grandmother is by

Raymon E Kent

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3 hours ago, Raymon E Kent said:

This is an old photo I found of my great grandmother standing next to an old auto. I am unable to figure out the make. Please help.

Raymon Kent


grandma and car 2.jpg

About a 1918 Stutz....the smooth, crown top fenders are a giveaway.

1918 Stutz.jpg

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The windshield and cowl are all wrong for a 12 Reo. I found this photo of a 12 on Google and notice the windshield is on a filler board and it has a wooden dash. Certainly the emblem appears to be Reo, but that windshield mount is not 1912. I'll keep looking.




1912 Reo front.jpg

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1917 Series R  or Series S   

Depending on whether it had the new dual valve engine and Bearcat body ( Series S) or the old Wisconsin engine ( all other body styles).

First year for crowned fenders, last year for small diameter radiator neck. 

I believe this one is a 1917 S Bearcat although the often misstated registration says roadster.


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