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1934 Franklin Airman Headliner Material

Manny Hondroulis

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10 hours ago, Manny Hondroulis said:

What type of fabric was used for the headliner of a 1934 Franklin Airman. Thank you.

Sorry I don't know but, If you ask this question on the Franklin site of the AACA forum you will get your answer right away.



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Franklins were custom cars, so there was no set fabric. Pick something you like and it will be correct. I don't know if anyone has sample books for early Franklins, but even with a sample book, they would put in a different fabric if you preferred it. They DID have "stated Trimming and colors" for different models, but even those were only suggestions.  I remember discussion about employee sales that Franklin had, disposing of carpet and fabric that was excess or from special orders for customer's cars. The description was "Hundreds of rolls of various fabrics and carpeting". Some of the Franklin trimming employees ran upholstery shops on the side, and they picked up much of their stock from Franklin Co excess sales. If you can find or borrow a Franklin sales catalog for your year, it will give you hints on what was available. But as long as it is something appropriate for the year, and not too outlandish, you will be OK. Franklin cars are rare enough that no one at a car show is going to tell you your upholstery is wrong.  (Unlike a Model T, where everyone knows the correct features, finish, and thread count on the upholstery!)

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