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Fabric used for headliners

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I'll be the first to tell you that I don't know squat about Franklins.  Your best bet is to see if there is a Franklin Club and reach out to them.  


Two answers:


1.  AACA Libraray & Research Center - right under the same roof at AACA Headquarters and one of the best automotive libraries in the world.  If you can travel to Hershey the only thing it will cost you is for the copies that you'll need.  If not, then you can discuss that with them.  If nothing else, you can get copies of critical information an many vehicles at a reasonable price that will assist you in restoration that you can also show for documentation when the vehicle is being judged.


2.  Any time you're restoring a car, in most cases you'll get your best information from the marque clubs.  In most cases if you restore the vehicle to marque club standards and can get through their judging system, you'll be able to walk right through the AACA Judging System.


Case in point.....  If you restore a car like a Corvette, NCRS is way more tougher than AACA in terms of judging.  Early Ford V8 is tougher on the flathead Fords than AACA is.  If there is a Franklin club, I'm sure that Franklin may very well be the same way.  At an AACA event you might see three Franklins.  If you go to a Franklin event, you very well may see 20 of them.


Best of luck.

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