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Buick Superwildcat air cleaner assembly for sale

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This is a restored and rechromed Buick Superwildcat dual-quad, dual-snorkel complete air cleaner assembly for 1965 & 1966 Buick 401 & 425 dual quad nailhead motors.  It has the correct black air filter that would have come from the factory along with the correct acorn nut.  This is the crown jewel for any Riviera restoration.  While the price may seem high, any Superwildcat air cleaner assembly you see here or on eBay is over $1000 in any condition.  It will cost over $1000 to have it rechromed and take months to get it back from your plating company.  You will also have to source the correct air filter and acorn nut.  I have done all this for you and my assembly is ready to install.  

Buick Superwildcat aircleaner inside.jpg

Buick Superwildcat aircleaner.jpg

Buick Superwildcat aircleaner II.PNG

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