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For Sale: 1950 Desoto Custom 4dr Station Wagon - $50,000 - Mount Pleasant, SC - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1950 Desoto Custom 4dr Station Wagon - $50,000 - Mount Pleasant, SC

1950 Desoto Custom for sale by owner - Mount Pleasant, SC - craigslist
Seller's Description:

Authentic 1950 Desoto "Woodie" Wagon for Sale. Flathead Six engine with fluid drive transmission. Excellent condition throughout. Garage kept, driven regularly, no rust, and maintained as needed. Includes vintage roof rack. Great car - gets all the attention!
Contact: Call Jay, click 'show contact info' if interested.
Copy and paste in your email: 8a5a9605298b3fa78b0ed22ddb479dcb@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1950 Desoto Custom 4dr Station Wagon.
The Standard Catalog of American Cars, 1946-1975, edited by John Gunnell states 600 1950 Desoto Custom 4dr Station Wagons built.

'50 Desoto Woodie Wagon SC a.jpg

'50 Desoto Woodie Wagon SC b.jpg

'50 Desoto Woodie Wagon SC c.jpg

'50 Desoto Woodie Wagon SC d.jpg

'50 Desoto Woodie Wagon SC e.jpg

'50 Desoto Woodie Wagon SC f.jpg

'50 Desoto Woodie Wagon SC g.jpg

'50 Desoto Woodie Wagon SC h.jpg

'50 Desoto Woodie Wagon SC i.jpg

'50 Desoto Woodie Wagon SC j.jpg

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9 hours ago, 7th Son said:

Just a thought, but  it might look good with a black vinyl roof, reminiscent of the wooden roofed wagons of the '40's and '30's

That would be like putting wood spoke wheels on it so that it looks like a car from the 1930s.  

Wood station wagons were (and are) maintenance headaches. They are like keeping fine furniture outside on the lawn and then working to maintain the finish.  

The fabric top covering of the 30s was replaced by the steel roof in the early 50s. This was a big step up in protection and longevity.  

The industry was working their way into all metal wagons during these years, one step at a time.  The all metal roof was one of those small steps. 

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13 hours ago, rocketraider said:

Big style!


What is the script on the clutch pedal?

As Joe says, the script on the clutch pedal is "Safety Clutch."  All MoPar Fluid Drive cars had this clutch pedal pad during the years from '46 through '52 or so, when they finally got a fully-automatic transmission.  With Fluid Drive, you still had to use the clutch to go from low range to high range or reverse.  I think they called it a "safety clutch" in an effort to turn a liability into an asset.  So, according to the marketing folks, having to use a clutch wasn't an inconvenience, it was an important safety feature!

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