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New wiring question for my 48 DeSoto


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There is a discrepency between my wiring diagram in the shop manual and my actual wiring harness as made by Egge machine back in the 80s.  I drew a rough drawing below of the problem, which may not even be a problem.  But since I'm not really an electrician I thought I would ask.   On my harness wires 26 and 28 are fused together.  26 is supposed to go to the ignition switch and 28 is supposed to go from the positive side of the starter push button to the fuel gauge + terminal.  But I can't put 26 and 28 on different terminals because they are fused together.  But there is another wire 20 that goes directly from the ignition switch to the + terminal of the fuel gauge, so I guess that would connect the push button to the fuel gauge like the wiring diagram shows.  So I connected the fused 28 and 26 wires to the RAD GA terminal of the ignition switch.

wiring drawing.jpg

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it looks to me like the two methods drawn above are electrically equivalent.

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I'm going to assume that RAD/AM terminal on the ignition switch means radio and ammeter.  It couldn't mean radiator!  I had another question on my wiring harness, but I think I figured it out already.  The question I had was the wiring diagram above shows wire 20 goes to the AM post of the ignition switch and to the + terminal of the fuel gauge.  But on my Egge wiring harness I had a thick green wire no. 20 coming out of the loom, so there was no way I could see to connect it to both terminals.  I was expecting no. 20 to be a loose wire.  So I thought there has to be way to figure this out.  Then I thought of something.  The continuity tester!  what if I connect the no. 20 wire to the fuel gauge and check the continuity between the ignition switch GA RAD terminal and the fuel gauge.  and I had continuity!  Problem solved!  You really need a good multi-meter if you are doing a wiring harness.  

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