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1965 Chevy Malibu SS Chevelle trunk lid

Clark Eaton

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Check with Steve Pollard or John348. They have 60s Chevrolet factory parts books and can tell you what interchanges. Or someone with a Hollander Interchange Manual covering those years can tell you.


Right now I'm thinking 1964 and 1965 Chevelle are the same, and the parts book will tell you what bodystyles use the same decklid. So you might not be limited to a decklid from a two-door hardtop. One from a lowly 300 four-door sedan might work.


A common fallacy in Oldsworld is the 1970-72 Cutlass "convertible!" decklid. Sellers made a lot of money off those "convertible!" decklids until they were outed as the same part the four-doors used, and those were common as dirt.


Good luck. No point putting a 'glass decklid on a car that ain't headed for the dragstrip. There'd be a wrinkle here, a wave there, and a poorly defined crease somewhere else, and I don't think you'd ever be happy with it.

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