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For Sale: 1926 Ford Model T Touring - $7,500 - Plano, TX - Not Mine

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 For Sale: 1926 Ford Model T Touring - $7,500 - Plano, TX

1926 Ford Model T Touring for sale by owner - Plano, TX - craigslist
Seller's Description:

Great condition model T. Was part of my grandfather's collection and was stored in a metal building in West Texas for years. One the wooden braces for the top was broken during transport. The left front tire will not hold air. Interior is in great shape. Original flathead engine. $7500 OBO
Contact:  Dustin (972) six-5-8-seventeen-7-6
Copy and paste in your email: 561d4b03d70436b488e11c52912b7049@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1926 Ford Model T Touring.

'26 Model T Touring TX a.jpg

'26 Model T Touring TX b.jpg

'26 Model T Touring TX c.jpg

'26 Model T Touring TX d.jpg

'26 Model T Touring TX e.jpg

'26 Model T Touring TX f.jpg

'26 Model T Touring TX g.jpg

'26 Model T Touring TX h.jpg

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These ARE fun cars to buzz around in. I have owned three '26-7 Model T Tourings (only have one at the moment) and they are pretty wonderful. The only real downside is there is not a lot of room in the front seat. This looks like a good car for the money. 

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