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Brass Federal-Zephyr Carburetor, anybody know what the application is?

Brass is Best

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  • Brass is Best changed the title to Brass Federal-Zephyr Carburetor, anybody know what the application is?

Such an obscure one....


Only references I could find were in a few publications:


Automobile dealer and repairer, a practical journal exclusively for these interests v. 23-24 (1917-1918)








Then in a  Chilton automobile directorty dated July 1916 I found this:



Then when you go to page 62 the advertising has a different address of 360 Trombly Ave but according to current maps there is no Trombly Ave. There is a Trombly St so I'm betting thats where they were located at one time. Current maps show the building was in a industrial area and has been torn down.  I was hoping this type of search would lead to other clues but my only suggestion is that you now have a solid time frame between 1916-1918 to search for it's possible application. Because it was listed in Chilton directory could mean it was either automobile or tractor related  unfortunately. 



Wish I could have helped more on this one. Very interesting,...

maybe @carbking  will weigh in to let us know if he's ever heard the name before?




Here's a mention of Zephyr carb on Jons website but I think this is related to George Breeze instead of Federal Brass Works out of Detroit:

Unclear if Breeze and Federal Brass had any connection however both were in Detroit in the time frame of 1916-1918 from all indications.



Here's a Elco in case that's what you find out it belongs to. Orphan more than likely...



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George A. Breeze is seen on top of bowl of this Zephyr carb for a similar comparison.







On freepatents website it mentions George A Breeze a subject of Great Britian residing in Detroit. Not sure if that means anything but it may come into play later. Filing date 10/03/1912 publication date 11/02/1915


CARBURETER. (freepatentsonline.com)



This next one is said to be made by Breeze Motor Manufacturing Co. while he was a resident of Newark, NJ. Filing date was 10/29/1904 and publication date was 02/23/1909



Again, I'm only posting in case this leads to other answers. 


It would seem these Zephyr carbs predated the Federal-Zephyr Carb on topic if I'm following the timeline correctly?

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21 hours ago, carbking said:

Nothing in my files about the Federal Zephyr carburetor; but there is a reference on the internet that George A. Breeze was a consulting engineer for the Federal Brass Works.



Thanks Jon.


Do you recall where you found the info or have a link? I'd like to pursue that a bit further if possible.



I found it.

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On 2/15/2024 at 5:03 PM, Brass is Best said:

Brass Federal-Zephyr Carburetor, anybody know what the application is?

sc1 (4).JPG




Sometimes I put information on a thread in case someone comes across this years from now and would like to pursue it further. This is one of those times.


Looking through the National Archives online we run into a dead ends because the information hasn't been digitized and isn't available online at this point, so if anyone in Maryland would be willing to visit the National Archives here are possible bits of information you'll need to see what is listed under Federal Brass Works in Container 37 and Inventions by George A. Breeze in container 851 to see if this may provide further answers. For now, I feel like I've exhausted all my efforts and possible avenues. 


These snippets should be all the information needed if visiting the National Archives.







George Breeze inventions.





Contact info prior to visiting.



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