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Did anyone take over Peter Sanders' Cadillac Parts business?


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From what I can find, Peter died in December of 2022. Did anyone take over his parts business? Looking for a throttle linkage gear at the base of the steering column, 1931 Cadillac V12. Thanks for any info

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1 hour ago, yachtflame said:

I have a large assortment of 1927-1931 parts. Mostly bronze castings of the old pit metal parts but I’ve also have parted out 6 LaSalles  and 7 Cadillacs. 





I recently asked you about something for my 1930 LaSalle. You said you were too busy with your boat. Here is the reply I got from you:


 "If you are still looking for the part next fall, try me again. Sorry I can’t be of more help at this time.

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